Water Pitcher in a Window

One of the luxuries of being a working photographer is that I can actually be distracted by some wonderful detail, and it can turn out to be a good thing.

Water Pitcher in a Window

There are plenty of moments when we are too busy worrying about the big picture that we fail to recognize the little details that are simply beautiful.

On this particular Real Estate photoshoot, the owners of the property did their own staging. Owner-staged houses typically do not fare very well against the level of attention a home receives from a company dedicated to that single task of staging for the purpose of selling.

In this case, the homeowners had an impeccable eye for detail. They created plenty of beautiful moments in that space–and, most of them were detail-driven, like the above water pitcher.

I imagined that window behind the water pitcher being open–a fresh breeze finding its way into the kitchen, and the sound of the leaves rustling in the background. There are slices of lemon, or perhaps a few sprigs of mint, soaking in the water. And, there is a good book waiting for me in a nearby reading chair with a view . . . .

Enjoy the details in my photograph, and perhaps you can create a few of them in your own spaces.

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