Drone and Aerial Video

Although we have been using drones to capture footage for our videos for years, Aerial Property Videos have become quite popular. We fly the drone over the property to show the angles and footprint of the house, reveal the views, and position the house within the neighborhood. Aerial Property Videos can create a truly unique visual experience for potential home buyers.

Aerial Videos are very cost effective. If the landscaping is maintained on a property, no access to the home is needed—a perfect way for you to start marketing your listing with minimal disturbances to the current tenants.

Drone flight in the United States is subject to FAA regulation. If your property is situated in an unrestricted flight space, our Drone/Aerial Video add-on will capture an additional 4-5 video scenes that can be added to the final edit of your Property Video.

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NOTE: Footage from the Drone/Aerial Video add-on may increase the overall length of your property video.