Case Study: Park Tavern

The Award-Winning Marlowe Burger at Park Tavern was the Best Burger in San Francisco for two consecutive years.

Park Tavern has been a San Francisco Chronicle Top 100 Restaurant for seven consecutive years. A lot of guests have enjoyed the wonderful food and ambiance of their restaurant. Even though the locals from the neighborhood were still coming to dinner a few nights each week, the management wanted to grab a larger share of those adventurous diners who were sampling the food at some of San Francisco’s other hottest restaurants. And, they needed images in order to reach them.

The Eden Room, Park Tavern’s Private Dining Room

Upstairs, Park Tavern has an epic, private dining room where guests can host almost any style of event–a luxurious, plated dinner at a king’s table, a family-style reception, or an intimate cocktail party. The food is served to you by your private service staff and bartender, while you listen to the music of your choice. They needed images that showcased the ambiance of their unique, private dining room.

Park Tavern’s Former Wine Director, Lindsey Young

In order to put a bit more polish on their correspondences, we also updated the images of some of the management with modern portraits in the restaurant. Chef and Management portraits gives you the opportunity to lift the personal and restaurant brand at the same time.

Finally, during the various photoshoots, we looked for opportunities to create images for their Social Media Marketing–detail shots of the space, the food, and the service staff. Rather than rely upon generic, stock imagery, we created a library of images from their own restaurant for Facebook and Instagram.

We can customize a plan to create the exact images that you need to keep your restaurant or bar in the minds of your customers.

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