Property Videos

Generate Interest

The perfect complement to still photography, moving video can convey the size of an open space, or the view from a balcony. Video can literally walk a prospective buyer through the living spaces where they will entertain guests, the kitchen where they will prepare dinner for their family, and the bedrooms where they will sleep.

Using a drone to create aerial video, we can situate the home within a neighborhood, showcase the size and foliage of the parcel, and provide a unique, moving perspective of the lines and outlines of the house.

Combine a walk-through style Property Video with footage from the Drone Aerial Video Add-on, and within 72 hours, you will have a powerful tool to attract the right kind of prospective buyers to help your sellers make their next move.

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Video Packages

We offer three styles of video that represent the most commonly ordered services.

Teaser (~90 seconds):

Short and sweet, the Teaser video is approximately one and a half minutes long. The sole purpose is to generate interest (and phone calls). There is not enough time to show all of the details in a video this short—instead, we highlight the best parts to potential buyers and give them the desire to pick up the phone.

Full Coverage (~2.5 minutes):

More time means more information. The extra minute in a Full Coverage video allows us to have more control over the mood and details. Is there a stellar Master bedroom or entertaining space on the property? In a Full Coverage video, we can linger a little longer on the important spaces of the property. This is our most popular video.

Exploration Video (~4 minutes):

The Exploration style video is a bit of an extravagance. This style explores the details of a property, and is intended to give the equivalent of a full tour to viewers. If you are marketing to prospective buyers who are out of region, this video is the best option.

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