California Wine Aerial Demo Reel

Although grapes may be out of season, the Napa Valley growing area is still incredibly beautiful.  Here is a quick demo reel…

Napa Vineyards in Winter (Aerial)

As the sun was setting today, the mustard yellow plants growing under the sleeping vines were beautiful.  This was taken from the…

North Beach Restaurant

All the neighborhoods have them . . . little, local, restaurants that have been around for a long time, are frequented by…

Picture-a-Day: 06 Dec. 2017 Steep Ravine Cabins at Twilight

The sunsets at Steep Ravine are simply amazing.  With all of the amenities in the cabins (counter space, wooden bunks, and a…

Picture-a-Day: 19 November 2017 Pacific Ocean Sunset at Steep Ravine

Can you see the green flash?  This was a lovely sunset over the Pacific Ocean as seen from Steep Ravine.

New Real Estate Property Video

We just completed a new Real Estate Property Video for a client, and we are giving you a peek.   Before starting,…

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