New Real Estate Property Video

We just completed a new Real Estate Property Video for a client, and we are giving you a peek.

Before starting, the client had requested that we create a custom “acceleration” transition to be used during several of the longer, steady-cam shots in the video.  You have certainly seen the effect before—the action progresses at a normal pace, and suddenly the motion increases speed dramatically, then slows again at the next major part of the video.  The request added a fun dimension to the project.

While shooting the footage, I had to remark at how well the home was staged for video.  The agent had arrived a few minutes early and turned on all of the lights.  The fans were moving, the garden hoses were coiled, windows were finger-print free, and all of the surfaces were uncluttered.  In still photography, you can often times change the angle of the camera by a degree or alter the composition to avoid visual clutter or an unsightly corner.  In video, however, the camera is moving and the amount of work to remove items digitally from the footage is prohibitive.  There’s no way around it, you have to do the work and prep the set before you get your shots.  It was really pleasant to have the house and grounds ready to go.

Enjoy the video, and as always, if you need a Property Video for you Real Estate listing, please contact us.

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