Outdoor Beauty Photo Shoot with Amanda Leung


Amanda is an experienced model who lives and works here in the Bay Area who scheduled an Outdoor Beauty Photo Shoot with Marsolais Photography.

After our pre-shoot conversations, I scouted a location where we could use natural light for some fresh head-shots to update her portfolio, as well as 3/4 and full-body beauty images in the second portion of the photo shoot.

Location for our Outdoor Beauty Photo Shoot

The more work that you do before a photo shoot, the more you can focus on making the images during the actual photo shoot. I scouted this particular location for the strong, reflected afternoon light, and the diversity of backgrounds in a close proximity. We would be able to make both urban vibe images and natural setting images easily. And, we would only have to find parking for the cars once—everything was walking distance.

Amanda arrived a little early and was completely prepared. She had chosen a brilliant red, short dress and had matched appropriate makeup to the wardrobe. We had hoped to catch some of the afternoon breeze with a lighter-fabric material.

The Beauty Photo Shoot

A beauty photo shoot like this is supposed to be easy to implement. It is a smaller time commitment for both model and photographer. Larger fashion photo shoots have many more moving parts, and require extra time accordingly.

We had planned that she would wear the outfit for the main portion of the photo shoot, but would bring a button-down over-shirt that would hide the clothing underneath to eliminate the need for a wardrobe change. We made the head-shot images first, and then walked over to the second location.

Amanda simply removed the over-shirt, and we were quickly working on the main portion of the photo shoot. We made more beauty head-shots, 3/4 and full-body beauty images. We then used the reflected light from one of the neighboring buildings, and pushed the images a bit with the more dramatic light. And, yes—we got those little bits of wind.

Here is a small gallery of some of my favorite images from this photo shoot.

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