A successful beauty photo shoot is the result of a lot of planning, good communication, and hard work. This is an overview of what you can expect when working with Marsolais Photography:

Pre-Photo Shoot Planning

My goal for a beauty photo shoot is to create some amazing images for your portfolio. We will start with a brief discussion (usually done through email), to discover the type of modeling you would do in the future. If we are successful, our images will help you get more of your preferred modeling work.

We start by looking at your existing portfolio if you have one. If you are completely new to modeling, do not worry. Early in my photographic career, I was advised to fill my portfolio with your favorite images. It will attract similar projects. We will evaluate your current portfolio images against that standard. Are you modeling in images that you want to make in the future? We will also discuss if there are images that you don’t like, and if you want to replace them?

Generating a Creative Brief and Storyboard

The next step is that I will share with you an assortment of hand-picked images that were selected as a result of our previous discussion. You won’t have to think too hard about the choices. Simply select the images you like—this will be our starting point.

Sample of location scouting image with sun positions

Based on your image selections, I will scout locations for your photo shoot. I am always scouting locations, but once we have reviewed your portfolio and picked some images that you like, I can find a right place for your beauty photo shoot. With the place, I will generate a Storyboard/Mood board/Creative Brief for you.

We will review the Creative Brief, and we can make adjustments to our plan until we are both satisfied—and, then we put the time/date/location on the calendar.

While We Are Working

With our Creative Brief in-hand, we will follow our plan on the day of the photo shoot. I like to stick to the plan—even to the point that I would rather reschedule with a new Creative Brief, rather than toss the details up into the air and “see if we can make some magic happen.”

We can’t plan for everything (although, I am certainly going to try). Some things may need adjustments on the day of the shoot. But, my default is to follow the plan.

See this post for a list of how to prepare for a modeling photo shoot.

There are many details that contribute to creating a great image—too long to list in this blog post. But, there are a few important aspects that you will see consistently in my beauty images.

Images created on a beauty photo shoot focus on you, the model—with the intention to get you more modeling work.

It’s All About the Eyes

The images are all about your eyes. There are plenty of successful images with the model staring off towards the horizon, but your eyes are a key factor in actually getting you more work. In fact, I only physically focus my camera on your eyes during the entire photo shoot. If your eyes are out of focus, we can’t use the image.

I typically keep my camera level with your eyes and face during a beauty photo shoot. When the camera is low, it makes the model loom large. When the camera is shooting down on a subject, it is diminutive and makes you look small. These can be very useful tools in Fashion images—but, don’t have much use in Beauty images. It’s important (and, a key element to my style) to keep a respectful, level perspective with your eyes as much as possible.

About My Style

I shoot in full manual mode when making both Beauty and Fashion images. It’s my job to pay attention to the lighting and camera settings. I don’t want the camera trying to out-think our lighting situation. Before we begin, or if the lighting changes, you will see me take a couple of test shots to ensure that things look the way I think it should.

I’ll also give you a lot of information during a photo shoot. I indicate where the image is cropped and what the camera can see in the frame. For example, I will tell you when the images are cropped above the waste so you don’t have to worry about which direction your shoes are pointed. And, when I change positions, I’ll tell you what the camera is seeing from the new position.

As often as I can, I’ll show you what I am seeing in the camera. Unfortunately, the screen on the back of the camera is tiny. But, the purpose behind sharing the image is so you can picture the images we are creating.

After the Photo Shoot

Within 5 business days of our photo shoot, I will provide a complete, password-protected gallery of images. These are smaller, low-resolution watermarked images–but, each of the images can be retouched. I have removed the images that are out-of-focus, that have composition errors (like trees coming out of your head), or that cannot be processed into beautiful, full-resolution images. But, every available image is in this gallery.

Truthfully, I would love for you to have all of the images. But, your password-protected image gallery of proofs contains RAW images right from the camera. Digital photography requires post-production work in addition to all of the in-camera work we did on the day of the photo shoot.

RAW images published on the internet would look sloppy and unfinished to the professional world (and NOT be an endorsement for people to hire either you as a model or me as a photographer).

Image Retouching

Image from an outdoor Beauty Photo Shoot with a model wearing a red dress
Model Amanda Leung in San Francisco

I will completely retouch a set of images that you select from our photo shoot—it is included with your beauty photo shoot. The retouching includes cropping, straightening, color and light adjustments, skin blemishes, and an overall style and treatment of the image. The number of images you can select is determined by the length of the photo shoot—roughly 3 images per 30 minutes of photo shooting time. If we schedule a 1-hour beauty photo shoot, you can select 6 images for retouching.

Professional-grade retouching takes anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours—depending upon the final usage of an image. I do all of the retouching myself (without any automated solutions). You can see the results of my work in my Beauty Portfolio .

Additionally, you will get retouched versions of any images that I retouch for my business. We will share a secure Dropbox folder, and if I retouch an image of you any time in the future, I will add it to those shared folders.

I provide high-resolution images suitable for printing in case you have a physical portfolio, and web-optimized images for websites, an online portfolio, email, and social media.

Let’s Schedule your Beauty Photo Shoot

If you have any questions, please reach out—I’d love to chat with you. And, if you are ready to take your next step in the modeling world, please complete the New Faces Portfolio Session form, and we can make some beauty images for your portfolio.

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