Portfolio Update for Sheena Coenen


Sheena reached out for some images for a portfolio update.

She has a lot of experience and has had agency representation for years. After you get agency representation, you will need to keep your portfolio images current. Your agents represent to potential clients that you will show up looking as you look in your portfolio pictures.

You will need to make sure your images in your portfolio match how you currently appear. If you change something (cut or color your hair, for example), you will need to update your portfolio images accordingly. This was a photo shoot to get her images

We discussed the potential images, as well as how she would be using them, and then we talked location styles—and, decided on a more urban environment.

She picked some of her favorite images from the pre-shoot assortment, I found a location in the Mission that had multiple locations in close proximity, and we put together a creative brief—then, we got the photo shoot on the schedule.

In the first portion of the photo shoot, we made fresh, bright beauty images for her portfolio. In the last part, we pushed the light in the images with more contrast and different settings to give us a fashion look/feel.

The images turned out to be fantastic. Visit our New Faces Portfolio Session if you would like to update your portfolio images.

Here are some of the images from her Beauty Photo Shoot:

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