Eyes in a Model Portfolio


Your eyes will get you more modeling work. There is really no clearer way to say it—the importance of eyes in a model portfolio is greater than all else. So, fill your portfolio with clear images of your face—that feature your eyes.

Why are Eyes in a Model Portfolio So Important?

It was explained to me like this: if you take a row of models and cover everyone’s faces, how would an editor or fashion creative select a model for their project? It would be completely at random. The bodies of all models are, for the most part, completely interchangeable. It wouldn’t matter which model was selected.

Beauty image of Amanda Leung with her bright, clear eyes.
The eyes are the clearly the focus of this image of Amanda Leung

If the reverse happened, things would be completely different. If the bodies of the models were covered, and only the heads were visible, the editors and fashion creatives could absolutely make a choice—because the entire style of the model is embodied in her/his face and eyes.

This is the compelling reason why you should fill your model portfolio with images of your eyes and face. The images of your eyes in your model portfolio is also one of the motivations behind my particular style of Beauty photography.

Take Care of Your Eyes

To ensure that your eyes are working their best for you, start by getting a lot of rest the night before. Be sure to be generally well-rested in the few days before your photo shoot. Not only will this help you to be more focused during your time in front of the camera, it will also reduce the bagging and dark circles of you eyes during the photo shoot.

Although the images will be retouched, relying upon post-production editing to give you clear, natural eyes is risky at best. The finest photo retouchers require time and money to retouch images. Clear skin and bright eyes will reduce the time required to retouch images for publication, and natural images are always better than enhanced/retouched images.

Avoid Alcohol and Marijuana before a photo shoot–at ALL COSTS

Spanish model in san francisco wearing a jean jacket with paint
Rosa Thomas in San Francisco

Alcohol, Marijuana, and other substances that you might use “to relax” before a photo shoot have unintended consequences. Your muscles attach directly to the skin of your face (unlike other parts of the body where they are attached to the bone). When you take a substance that relaxes muscles, it causes your face and eyes to droop and sag. It literally changes the shape of your face. In addition, it also causes red flecks to appear in the whites of your eyes.

A morning workout, and a well-balanced breakfast may help you relax. Add a quick meditation session to clear your thoughts, and you will be ready to tackle all of the challenges a photo shoot may present.

For more ideas on how to prepare for a modeling photo shoot, please visit my other blog post.

Diversity in Your Portfolio

You will certainly need other images to show your full range of modeling potential. But, lead with your eyes. Clean, brightly-lit images of you wearing little or no makeup will show your face and eyes clearly. These images make it easier for the clients, stylists, and photographers to imagine you in their next project—and, to eventually hire you for that work.

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