Beauty Images with Model Winta Begay

Working with Winta is easy. She has worked as a professional model with agency representation in the past (although I didn’t know that at the time), and together, we created some fantastic beauty images.

We chatted about the type of images, and I sent her a link to a folder of storyboard images—and, she picked her favorites. From there, I put together a Creative Brief, Storyboard, and Mood Board and sent location images. We agreed on the plan, and set the event on the calendar.

You can visit my blog post for more information about what to Expect on a Beauty Photo Shoot.

Winta arrived on-time and was prepared to work. She had translated the Storyboard and Creative Brief into her brilliant red dress and perfect makeup and accessories. After a quick discussion and a few test shots, we were making images almost immediately.

Her experience with posing reduced the need for my direction. I am certainly happy to provide that direction (it is part of my job, as a photographer), but Winta already had an excellent understanding of her body, facial expressions, and how her movements translate to the camera. It is the mark of an experienced model.

I scouted a single location that had three different backgrounds within a few hundred feet.  We started with the white wall in the first location and used both the strong side-light of the sun and the reflected light of the wall.  Then, we moved quickly to a rock under a the branches of a tree.  There was some wonderful halo lighting there.  Then, we moved from the beauty lighting in the first and second settings to the more dramatic location with the grand stairs for the third part of the photo shoot.  This was a bit more fashion than just beauty images, but all of the images certainly worked together.  

Within a relatively short amount of time, we produced a volume of excellent beauty and fashion images.

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Here are some some images from that photo shoot:

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