Model Training at Star Walk


I had the pleasure to photograph a session of Star Walk Model Training, taught by Charleston Pierce in San Francisco.

Charleston Pierce is a talented and experienced model who has been modeling for print and runway for a very long time. There are even pictures of him with Tyra Banks, back in the day. Today, he is sharing that experience with new faces who hope to get into the business or improve his or her standing in the world of professional modeling.

He teaches models how to walk for runway modeling work, how to pose for still and print modeling work, and more importantly, how to carry yourself in a way that makes fashion brands want you to represent them. While the first two things are clearly important, the way you carry yourself is the part of modeling that will get you the big modeling jobs.

Invariably, before a fashion label or fashion designer chooses a “face” to represent them to the world, they meet with the model in-person. This is also part of the general casting process for any model walking on a runway. But, the face of the brand must do more. The creatives will want to understand how she or he will behave in front of the cameras, or at the Cannes Film Festival, or wherever they decide to make a splash with their next advertisement campaign. That label will want to know how you present yourself, and how you will represent their brand. The Star Walk Model Training gets you started down that path.

Having represented major brands himself, Charleston Pierce is uniquely qualified to teach new models those skills. The best part is that his workshops are designed for you to drop-in and attend whenever it fits your schedule. If your skills need a refresh, make a reservation and come by a training session. And, for new faces, he will start you at square one.

I highly recommend the Starwalk Model Training if you want to improve your skills to model.

If you are ready to take your modeling portfolio to the next level, sign up for the New Faces Portfolio Session to get started!

After taking some candids of the workshop, I made some beauty images of the participants in the class. Here are some of those images:

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