Published Fashion Editorial in no8 Magazine

It is an absolute pleasure to be working in the Fashion and Beauty world. And, while I am absolutely passionate about the work, I wanted to take my work to the next level with a published fashion editorial.

When print magazines were the only things available, all of the Fashion Editorials were controlled by a handful of big print magazines. You would recognize the names: Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Clare, Elle, Vanity Fair, and L’Officiel come to mind.

Today, with the availability of digital magazines and the internet, published fashion editorials have many more places to be viewed. There are digital only fashion magazines, and there are websites that publish fashion “webitorials”—both venues for fashion images that will never be printed. These new venues will bring more editorials than ever before because the economic constraints have been significantly reduced—more fashion, the better. That being said, I still wanted to aim a bit higher and submit images to a print-only, High-gloss magazine (as we used to call them back in the days of film).

One of the magazines that emerged from the research was no8 Magazine. I love the work that they publish. They are a print-only magazine asking for first publication rights only, and they wanted a minimum of 10 publish-ready images at the time of your submission. Lastly, they didn’t offer a “Buy the Front-Cover” option. I wanted a legitimate magazine where the submissions were selected upon merit.

I reached out to model Anait Chibichyan about the project. We had worked on several more-ambitious fashion shoots in the past, and she was definitely interested. Together, over the folowing several weeks, we work on our images. We kept the team small–each of us working multiple jobs during the photo shoot.

Together, we produced and submitted 20 retouched images to no8 Magazine, and of those submitted, they published 4 of them as a Fashion Editorial in Volume 20, Issue 1 of their magazine (February 2020).

Here are the published images:

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