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Mezcal Cocktail
Mezcal Cocktail

Consistency is the key to any successful Social Media Marketing program. Regular posts with high-quality, original content will get you followers–who will become your fans, share your posts, and ultimately, become your customers.


Our monthly, Content for Social Media service is designed for restaurants and bars. Each month, we will create and deliver either 15 or 30 images that highlight your location, food and drinks, and staff. We deliver your monthly image library to you–the images are edited, cropped, resized for social media, and branded with your logo (if you choose). You simply, upload, add your text and hashtags, and publish.

Instead of scrambling for fresh content every month, or simply reposting the images created by food bloggers and guests, take control of your Social Media Marketing program and convert likes into customers.

Our monthly, Content for Social Media service will help add some consistency to your Social Media Marketing, and make it easy for you to convert likes into real customers (and dollars).

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